Books by Ruthie Henrick


Heart of Dixie 

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Dixie’s back in her hometown, but the last thing she’s looking for is a reason to stay . . .
Dixie Barnes has no desire to change the life she’s built in LA, fast-paced and full of glamour, and a million miles from Moreover, Tennessee. When she’s badgered into an impromptu hometown reunion, the thing she’s most looking forward to is her flight back to her celebrity clients. She has no plans to rekindle relationships with the town’s meddling citizens—those kind-hearted people she abandoned ten years ago—and she definitely doesn’t intend to take up where she left off with Deke McAllister.
Then she discovers the nerdy, gangly crush of her past has matured in every remarkable way possible. Perhaps getting reacquainted with Deke isn’t such a bad idea after all. But loving that boy was the catalyst that had her leaving the water tower town she was so fond of. And the more quality time she spends with him, the more difficult she finds the notion of doing it again.
She’ll agree to amuse herself with him until it’s time to leave. She’ll enjoy his soul scorching kisses, and maybe even tangle with him in his sheets. But her heart won’t be on the line this time. Deke’s already been warned her days in Moreover are numbered. And this time she’ll say good-bye before she boards her plane.


First Class Distraction (Because Beards anthology)


When Blake finds he’s no longer engaged only days before his planned wedding, he takes a honeymoon for one and soothes his jilted soul in a tropical retreat. But it’s not until he’s heading east again that he comes across a woman who fires his blood. There will be plenty pulling at his attention once he returns to his small Tennessee town. Who’s to say he can’t enjoy the flight home?

Sophie’s had it with men—especially men who want to rule her. So she’s running away. And the other side of the country is almost far enough. New job, new life. She’s committed to making a new start, and a good impression once she arrives in the tiny town of Moreover that she’s never even visited. But the bad boy seated beside her just might be the perfect distraction as she leaves her old life behind in LA.

About Because Beards

Be it a little scruff or a full length beard, there’s nothing more attractive than a man with a well-groomed face. Masculine. Powerful. Sexy. Devoted. Lose yourself in this tantalizing collection of original short stories by your favorite romance authors in support of a great cause. Hipster CEO, bartender, best friend, baseball player—just to name a few—these men all have one thing in common: they’re bearded for your pleasure and deliver one hell of a happy ever after.

All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to The Movember Foundation, an organization that supports charities in the research and treatment of prostate and testicular cancer as well as other men’s health initiatives.

Written by Alexis Alvarez, Faith Andrews, M. Andrews, Jeannine Colette, Hayley Faiman, Angelita Gill, Ace Gray, Ruthie Henrick, Scott Hildreth, Evie Lauren, Jerica MacMillan, R.C. Martin, Emmanuelle de Maupassant, Leslie McAdam, Maria Monroe, Adrienne Perry, J. Quist, Renee Rose, Kacey Shea, Martha Sweeney, and Tom Sweeney.

Home for the Holiday

Kindle & KU

The whole family is gathering for Thanksgiving . . .  What could possibly go wrong?

In the midst of an extra-special holiday season, Jake Taylor has every reason to give thanks. His dream of a life with Allie is more fulfilling than he ever imagined. Allie has ideas for a lavish Thanksgiving celebration to be remembered for years, and their entire family has promised to be in attendance. But when one disaster after another threatens their joyful reunion, Jake finds he’ll have more to be grateful for than he realized if only he can manage to gather everyone . . . Home for the Holiday.


Twice in a Lifetime

Kindle & KU

Is it possible to find your one true love…twice?

Blind date. When Allie and Ben are thrown together to help their friends out of a bind, they find the unexpected – and unwanted – spark of attraction difficult to ignore. Surrendering to it, they marry and live their happyish-ever-after – until Ben’s death reveals a betrayal that rocks Allie’s world.

The sidelines. Where Jake has hovered for the past fifteen years, business partners with his best friend, in love with his best friend’s wife. He’s shocked by his friend’s duplicity, overcome by the guilt of a deathbed promise. But he’s waited half a lifetime for a chance to love Allie, and it’s time to make his move.

Marriage. Allie might be ready to take the slow slide from friend to lover, but a lifetime is a leap she won’t agree to. She can’t deprive Jake of the family he’s never had but longs for – the family she can no longer give him. How can she refuse him, though, when he sets out to prove the only family he needs – has ever wanted – is her?