Editing & Author Services



Whether you’re preparing a manuscript for submission to an agent or editor, or intend to self-publish, you want your finished product to shine both in both content and style. Let The Write Girl help your words sparkle while you maintain your own voice!

What’s Included

Copy Edit – Covers pacing, voice, sentence structure, style

  • Spelling, punctuation, and grammar—includes comma usage
  • Word choice
  • Getting the most effect from your power words
  • Choosing strong verbs that don’t need modifiers
  • Tightening sentences
  • Strong openings and endings
  • Timeline
  • Fact checking

Copy Edit (Rough Draft) $0.005 — $0.01 per word

Copy Edit (Second Pass) — $1.20 per page

Proofreading — $1.00 per page

  • Spelling, grammar & punctuation check only

Invoicing & Payment

Invoice for project will be delivered upon job completion and payable to my PayPal account.

Email Me for Schedule or More Info